Our Mission

Dear Kamadon Master

The mission of the Kamadon Academy is a clear one.

The Kamadon Academy will serve in love, truth and light to present the works of the Melchizedek Method as presented and created by the beautiful spiritual soul Alton Kamadon.

We will do everything within our divine power, alignment with the greater good of all and most of all in accordance with Spirit to allow this a beautiful modality to reach and serve individually as many people as possible, to help facilitate a global consciousness of love and light to raise the planets vibration in love unity.

If there are challenges along the way that ask us directly to be the vehicle to present this truth then we take that role on from Spirit with honour and love knowing our purpose in all of this is divine.

The personal mission we embrace at the Kamadon Academy is keeping these teachings in Alton's pure essence. Keeping Alton 's mission of love and light very real to gather more momentum and give back to this dimension and others as much as he has given us in these teachings. To honour and respect the divine entities that presented this information through Alton. This truly amazing soul did not ascend in a hurray failing to achieve his goals or purpose he choose to move at that exact time leaving the MM work perfectly as is and as it should be to best serve humanity.

We hope that your path is filled with love and light which ever path you choose for you are the Master and we merely the vehicle.

Love in Oneness
The Kamadon Academy

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