Meditation For The Gulf

We can change what is happening to Mother Earth - We can help her on a huge scale, simply do the
Structured Water Meditation below. The Masters put this call out to you, it's now or never, let's make
it now.

There will be a huge clean up needed but Human Kind is very capable of coming together and
making something good happen. Place Merkabas around the earth and spin them 999,000 times
Gods speed. The Masters will connect to you as you do this (enjoy).

Divine love and Blessings,
Mary Fujiyoshi

The Balanced Structured Water Meditation

Before you begin, sit comfortably and place your hands in the Unity mudra making sure they
surround your Kamadon crystal in your lap (if you have a Kamadon Equinox crystal, hold this in your
hands in your lap as well).

Now activate pillars of light in each corner of the room, and then call in Archangel Michael’s legions
of light to surround the room connecting to the pillars of light. Visualise a platform of light underneath
you and a canopy of light over the top also connecting to the four pillars of light.

Now visualise 3 Metatronic sacred super powerballs of love around the entire room, all connected to
a triple pillar of light in the centre of the room.

Next visualise the Orionis 5th dimensional vibration Kamadon Temple from above and below
encapsulating and surrounding this structure of light with the 3 Metatronic sacred super powerballs
being the main central chamber of the Temple.

Within the main chamber embedded in the three central pillars of light, visualise the all-knowing, all-
seeing single Eye of God.

Now visualise yourself sitting within the centre of the temple within the Eye of God, with the three
pillars of light connected to your spine. You are the centre of this light structure.

Now call in and honour the presence of the Kamadon Grand Master, the Kamadon Elementals,
all the Ascended Masters (male and female), the White Brotherhoods, the Great Ones of the
Central Sun, the Elohim, the Archangels and Angelic Realms, Lady Mary, Lady Quan Yin, Lady
Athena, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Sai Baba, Sananda, Maitreya, Melchizedek, and the 144,000
Melchizedek Elders.

Now, call in and honour the presence of Thoth, Metatron and Enoch.

Next, call in your spirit and master guides, your ministering angels to be your companions, guidance
and protection along this divine journey.

Begin matter-muon crystal light cell thought mind clearing for at least one to two minutes.

Now, Activate One Path of Vision (breath):

  • Open your eyes;
  • Spherical thought-intention with breath:
    Infinite balanced cellular structured water - activate (breath);
  • Focus ahead on the Orionis Infinite Point and the Metatronic Balanced Structured Water Zenith sacred powerball that you have created;
  • Spherical thought-intention with breath:
    Triple Stabilising disks and Metatronic Zenith sacred super powerball - tilt at 32° angle - activate (breath);
  • You announce who you are:
    LAY-OO-ESH—Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai T’sebayoth - I AM THAT I AM - EHYEH
  • Spherical thought-intention with breath:
    Metatron, guide me through the Orion star gate into the Zenith
    Orionis cosmic consciousness-
    activating my Metatronic Pulse expansion -
    Earth to God chakra spherical light connection - spherical God wave patterning (breath);
    Focus ahead on the Orionis Infinite Point and the Metatronic Balanced Structured Water Zenith sacred powerball that you have created;
  • Close your eyes;
  • Spherical thought-intention with breath:
    Metatronic Zenith Omkabah infinite expansion (inhale);
    Orionis Infinite Light Speed Rotation (exhale);
    Draw the Metatronic Orionis 5th dimensional Zenith sacred super powerball directly into your brain from the Orionis infinite focus point in front of you.

 I AM the pathway of Light

  • Continue manifesting the Orionis pathway;
  • Spherical thought-intention with breath:
    Expand, expand, expand . . . Orionis Structured Water infinitely throughout my creation, from Earth to God (breath)
  • Hold this for as long as you are guided;
  • After a period of time, draw yourself into the centre of Mother Earth;
  • Now feel, sense, and see your being emanating the Orionis balanced structured water throughout Earth and atmosphere;
  • Hold for as long as you are guided;
  • Now expand your encoded light out into the Solar System, encompassing the Sun;
  • Bathe in this powerful light and love for as long as you wish, emanating your balanced structured water encoding.



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